About Us

Our company origins dates back to 1984 starting with the one coach and two brothers Peter and Paul we gradually grew from there to three coaches, starting in a little village called Tonmawr.


We started a public Service from Sandfields to Margam our Townrider as we called it, we were running in competition with the national service bus provider many times i've been told people would purposely wait for the town rider to come around.


Another front line coach we had was this Doyen, at the time the styling were so far ahead of the rest, and it was also mentioned that the ride quality was 1st class, like sitting on a sofa once on the motorway. It was around this time Paul and Peter Decided to go there separate ways, Paul continued to carry the company on.


2010-onwards we starting working with holiday providers offering our coaches as a Feeder, and also providing our coach and driver for tours all across the UK, another undertaking was winning a contract with local Rugby club Aberavon Wizards to transport them to all away games.


As the company grew after buying a small firm Cymmer Cabs and also gaining a number school contracts from the local council, we eventually moved to Port Talbot, close to the Bus station opposite where Blancos are now.


1990-1995 Here we have one of our front line coaches at the time our Gold liner (palm tree at the back) we used on tours, day trips and holidays. the Gold liner was our first coach to feature a toilet on board.


2000-2010 We continued to progress taking on further school contracts and also private contracts with local factories in the area,it was also a time we starting taking on rail replacement work with Fraser Eagle later to be First great western and Arriva trains wales, which we still operate to this day.



Today we are a 8 coaches strong, still providing quality coach hire to Port Talbot and the surrounding areas, still investing in newer, safer, more environmentally friendly coaches, we are also investing in our staff by putting them on courses like first aid and also Certificate of Professional Competence.